The martial arts

When I was young, i had strong interests on the Chinese martial arts , at the age of 12 to Songshan Shaolin Temple martial arts, until at the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education (martial arts master). Understanding of Chinese Wushu culture. After graduation, I found that people in modern society, the rhythm is very fast, often because of busy and ignored the health and traditional culture, so founded the Dragon Tai chi. 

Taijiquan is a combination of the I Ching, Yin Yang and five elements theory, theory of Taoism, Huangdi Neijing boxing in China and one of the many kinds of culture. Until now, not only retains the characteristics of martial arts, but also the profound culture of precipitation.

I hope to learn the knowledge and skills, the martial arts to flourish. Specific ideas have the following three points:

The spread of China to Tai Chi represented a way of keeping good health, training methods to teach students the correct and good physical and mental, to achieve longevity effect, as a component of Hongkong social stability and prosperity.

The cultivation of outstanding martial arts talents, actively participate in various martial arts competitions and led the team to exchange activities. Hongkong martial arts to enhance the international competitiveness, to win glory for Hong kong.

contact various martial arts professionals, organized in Tai Chi and push mainly various kinds of martial arts activities. Enhance the influence of the martial arts activities, which are mainly based on tai chi and pushing hands, in the international sports field.

Life is Tai Chi, Tai Chi is life.

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