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Dragon Tai Chi is a lifestyle company with the mission of spreading “Health and Happiness for All” through a balance of physical wellness and mental fitness – the Dragon TaiChi lifestyle.

We live in a diverse world with different ethnicities, different nations, different languages and different cultures. But we are all part of the same human family, and we have the same desire for health and happiness.

In today's always-on, hyper-connected, technologically advanced world, we seem to find ourselves increasingly short on time and high on stress. Ever seeking speed and expediency, we ignore the rising pressure on our bodies and minds, and unconsciously drift more and more out of balance.

Ancient Chinese culture offers a different perspective based on the philosophy of Taiji (also spelled T'ai Chi, or 太极 / 太極). Simply put, everything has two sides – yin and yang, which form part of an all-encompassing whole. Fast and slow, hard and soft, dark and light, motion and stillness…all must exist in balance.

Rooted in this traditional wisdom, Dragon TaiChi seeks to inspire and enable a modern, balanced lifestyle through a suite of unique training programs and products. Today we are gonna gather together to feel about what TAI CHI is, and you probably will love it.

We hope they help bringing you greater balance, health and happiness!

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