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2018 Lets do happy Tai Chi

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Tai Chi
Such as a cake classic old tea. Years of red dust can not lock its charm, although the time goes by with the age-old, blowing the spring, the sun over the summer, through the autumn, survived the winter, just a skillful old tea, considerable, reward, may be goods, Can be reminded of the endless aftertaste, there are gestures between the field is more obsessed can not be relieved.
Perhaps because of the innumerable baptisms that have been going through years, Tai Chi has become even more forgiving.
Tai Chi tolerance. Is the best motivation for men, so that men understand their own responsibilities, a tender feeling or a hint of consonance of the eyes, they can turn into a family warmth.
Tai Chi is the most sensitive. Years of wiping thin wrinkles in the woman's face, but the experience of Tai Chi gave them a mature charm. They have braved the thorns to understand the true meaning of life, not as sharp as adolescence.
Tai Chi connotation. Beautiful kind of mysterious temptation and heritage, it does not make people feel sweet and tired.
Tai Chi, the most know the true love. What is the most precious human feelings, what is the most beautiful natural scenery, grasp the sense of love handy.
Tai Chi, but also understand the man and woman space need to fly the same space and time, love and laughter, between the line and move, showing the incomparable Tai Chi incomparable depth and thickness of the charm.
Tai Chi, knowing that no one is rich enough to help others, and no one is too poor to help others in any way, has a good wish of showing all languages that can stand the reread, and it is worth rethinking.
Tai Chi eager rich but not demanding, profound feelings is the real demanding Tai Chi.
Tai Chi, more good at learning. Appreciating others is a kind of realm; treating other people is a kind of mind; caring for others is a quality; understanding others is a kind of conservation; helping others is a kind of happiness; learning others is a kind of wisdom; solidarity with others is an ability; learning from others is a reward.
Therefore, the growing Tai Chi people, charm and age has nothing to do. The new year begins, let us do happy Taiji!

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