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Taijiquan is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine health, you know how many years of age to practice Tai Chi is more appropriate? Taijiquan exercise is good to teenagers, formerly fitness, and can exercise hand brain coordination ability.

We see a lot of successful martial arts, basically is to begin to learn martial arts, martial arts is rarely seen from the beginning of successful middle-aged or elderly. If we want to cultivate children in the martial arts, we must start from a young age.
Taijiquan in recent years before entering the middle school and primary school classroom, the children are a special group, their physiology, psychology, thinking and other aspects are in the fuzzy stage of development, the formation of early interest in sports will directly affect the future development of their sports consciousness.
Young children is the best time to practice Tai Chi, the growth and development of boys and girls are different, girls develop earlier, practicing Tai Chi, the age can be 4 to 5 years old.
Taijiquan is a representative of Chinese Traditional Wushu, the routine contains rotation, flexion, loop, jump and somersault, stationary, balance and relief action, to all parts of the body to participate in sports, so that the full development of human. There are many movements in the form of Taijiquan, which is a challenge to the speed, strength, dexterity, endurance and flexibility of the body of young children. On the other hand, Taijiquan has particular flavor and defense activities operation ideas, balance the training method to regulate the body's internal environment, regulating qi and nourishing blood, dredge the meridians, very healthy organs, achieve the healthy growth of the adolescence in order to.
There are many parents that their children to practice Taijiquan, usually sensitive, attention, comprehension, memory enhancement, visual acuity improved, food added to fall asleep at night, too quickly, improve the physical quality of children. This is closely related to the awareness of Taijiquan and breathing activities.
The training of the quality of will by practicing Taijiquan is various. Practicing Taijiquan basic skills, through muscle soreness, boring, set up the "winter training 39 day summer training", and establish the consciousness, persevere unremittingly. Exercise routine, through physical overdraft, develop hard, Dili sophisticated, never complacent quality. Participate in the competition, through psychological timid, passive avoidance, exercise courage, self-esteem, firm and indomitable will to fight. After long-term Taijiquan exercise, young children will develop good qualities of hard-working, brave and strong, patience, studious and brave in enterprising.
Young people do not have to learn what moves the intensity of the movement, what do you want boxing, Sanda, taekwondo, etc., in fact, is a good choice of taijiquan.

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