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Tai Chi Pushing Hand

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Tai Chi called thugs, rubbing hands, scrape hands, Taijiquan is double hand to hand combat exercises, and Taijiquan is the relationship between the body and the use, to complement each other, complement each other, has been 300 years of history. Later, some other martial arts schools have also absorbed the practice of the pipeline, resulting in a variety of styles of pushing hands. The Qing Dynasty boxing has a song "hatchet man song" wrote: "hold his crowded seriously, go up and down hard. He hit me all 42 Juli, jack. The introduction of lost and that is, stick with the stick with the top of the stick. Static and dynamic"

Tai chi push hand is a martial art which based on the principle YIN and YANG practicing, meanwhile push hand is also a skilled sports activity.

Throughout the practicing of pushing hands, people will strength the physical fitness, improve agility that handle the emergency more efficiently.

Also,for inner part, I am sure you will understand more about the balance of body, find the interest of using a small strength beating a huge one as called"use four ounces to move a thousand pounds"

Dragon Tai Chi provides children push hand;  Teenagers push hand; Adults push hand and competition push hand

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